• Bamboo Bracelets - Burnt (Pair of 2)

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Bamboo Bracelets - Burnt (Pair of 2)

Bamboo Bracelets - Burnt (Pair of 2)

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A little bit of paradise around your wrist. Perfect for accessorizing with your favorite Hawaiian print outfit or Sexy Pinup Sarong dress. These bamboo bracelets look great mixed and matched with other bangles, just like the amazing Carmen Miranda!

Bamboo Bracelet's are made of Natural Bamboo, because it is a natural plant, thickness and finish of bracelet will vary slightly from piece to piece.

*Please note that I personally burn these bangles and each one is unique to both the thickness of the bamboo and the overall burn. I do my best to stay consistent and pack similar bangles.

Average inside diameter: 2.5"

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